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Absolute Machinery

was founded on superior satisfaction

Absolute Machinery Corporation was formed in June 2000 by Michael Ortolano and Nathan Smith. Both had been actively selling machinery for well-known equipment manufacturers in the plastic processing industry for over twenty years. They recognized a need for an avenue for manufacturers to convert unwanted and idle equipment into cash as well as identifying a segment of the manufacturing community that had immediate equipment needs to boost production. They teamed up to start their own corporation to sell new and used equipment to the plastics industry. They knew that they would be able to provide superior service to their customers and to build a business that focused on the success of their clients.

The majority of our customers have needs that cannot be met solely through the purchase of new equipment for a variety of reasons. These needs are driven by price, lead time for deliveries, and production processes that require specific types of equipment no longer being manufactured. In order to address these requirements, Absolute Machinery offers used equipment to meet customer demand. Utilizing our deep connections in the plastic molding industry, Absolute Machinery Corporation buys, brokers and sell high quality used plastic injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, and auxiliary equipment to customers seeking those same machines. We realize that it is paramount to ensure customer satisfaction during the entire process, meaning that both the seller and buyer must be completely happy with the transaction. We feel that we excel in successfully matching sellers with buyers which results in both parties being highly satisfied.

In order to meet the needs of the manufacturers that require expanded production capabilities and to expand upon their philosophy of putting the customer first, Absolute added the capability to warehouse a wide selection of machinery in inventory. Not satisfied that Absolute was fully meeting our customers’ needs, high level technical support/service and engineering was added to the operations. This has allowed Absolute Machinery to buy used equipment quickly from manufacturers needing to convert idle equipment to cash fast and store it in their warehouse until a buyer requires that specific piece of machinery. In the meantime, our highly trained technicians have had an opportunity to carefully inspect and repair the equipment. As Absolute Machinery has grown, key individuals have been selected to join the team. Sales and customer service personnel were added to continue the Absolute Machinery philosophy of customer first. A logistics manager was brought onto the team to assist with shipping and rigging requirements as well as to expedite purchases of used equipment so that Absolute Machinery could quickly meet the needs of its customers. Heavy lift equipment and a team of riggers were added to the company to further reduce costs and to allow our own personnel to respond quickly to load and ship machinery. The technical staff has been expanded to ensure that Absolute Machinery continues to provide the very best service to all of its customers.

It became apparent that the needs of our customers have become more complex and Absolute has responded by adding additional capabilities to our long list of services. Today, we offer a full array of Asset Management Tools for banks, financial institutions, and our manufacturing customers having such needs. We offer a full line of appraisal services. Our licensed appraisers are well respected in the financial industry and work quickly and effectively to value the assets of your business. Once the appraisal is completed and there is a need or desire to convert all or some of those assets to cash, our staff of licensed auctioneers can quickly help you prepare those assets for sale and conduct an auction to help you achieve a high rate of return. If you need cash sooner, Absolute can arrange to sell directly, purchase the assets, or broker them through a consignment agreement. We can tailor a solution to your needs. We have a stellar reputation with our customers, both manufacturing and financial, for achieving the highest possible return on the sale of equipment due to our extensive data-base of buyers and our superb marketing expertise.

Over the years, the owners of Absolute realized that there was a need not only for used equipment, but a strong need for competitively priced, well-built new equipment. That has led to Absolute forming strong ties with certain equipment manufacturers to market, sell, and service their equipment. New equipment suppliers have been added and continue to be added to meet the needs and demands of our customers. In some instances, suitable manufacturers and suppliers were not available in the United States so the owners needed to look elsewhere which has led to the formation of several sister companies.

The first new company to be formed was Absolute Haitian Corporation in 2006. In order to ensure that this venture would not interfere with their high standards of customer service, Glenn Frohring was added to the ownership team. Together, the three owners knew that the US manufacturers needed a source for highly capable, efficient, and reasonably priced injection molding equipment to re-establish their dominance of the molding industry. To meet this need, they selected Haitian Plastics Machinery Group. Headquartered in Ningbo China, Haitian is the world’s largest producer of plastic injection molding machinery. Haitian products offer extremely cost effective (as much as 40-50% lower acquisition price) and highly energy efficient machinery (as much as 20- 80% less energy consumption than its competitors) to meet the demands of the expanding molding manufacturing base in the USA and Canada. Today, Absolute offers a full line of Haitian Injection Molding Equipment to its customers that want to buy new machinery instead of used. We uniquely offer a one stop shop for tax effective equipment trade-ins which can be managed to coincide with the delivery of your new equipment. This minimizes both the expense of rigging/moving equipment as well as disruptions to your busy production schedule while providing you extremely beneficial tax savings.

The second venture that the three owners launched was based on a desire to protect and improve the environment with cutting edge technology. With that in mind, they formed Absolute Green Energy Corporation in 2008. The company supplies energy saving and generating systems and installs solar PV and solar Hot-water systems nationwide. The company globally sources products that deliver the best value proposition to our customers, both price-wise and efficiency-wise. Its customer focus is primarily commercial where it is a leader in designing and installing cost effective Solar PV Systems.

Most recently, the three owners have founded Absolute Robot, Inc in 2013. Our customers expressed a need for high quality, cost-efficient solutions for their material handling needs at the press. After much research and due diligence, Well-Lih of Ningbo, China was selected as the manufacturer best suited to provide value, quality, and respected solutions to our customers with a wide range of robots from pneumatic pickers to full servo robots that may be equipped on machines up to 3,300 tons. We are able to provide quality automation solutions while providing the highest levels of support that our customer base has grown to expect.

Our goal is to provide the right service or a quality piece of equipment (new or used) that is cost effective as well as superior customer service along with the highest level of technical support to our customers in the ever-changing markets that we service. Our team focuses on the needs of your business to help you to make your company a success. Absolute companies continue to focus on:

  • Providing value to our customers
  • Distribution of globally-sourced cost effective and energy efficient products and systems
  • Partnering with our customers to help them grow their business
  • Our employees
  • Providing the best customer service and support possible

Today, Absolute Machinery remains customer focused and its team of dedicated employees work tirelessly to exceed the expectations of all of our customers. We will continue to expand our services so that we can help meet your manufacturing needs. We continue to strive to provide our customers with the best value for their money, minimize lead times, and deliver our services or quality new or used plastic manufacturing equipment…so how can we help you?